About Us


Welcome to LongRiver WoodShop! We are Stanislaus County’s premier wood shop for all of your custom handmade cutting boards, butcher blocks, cheese cutters, chartreuse, and novelty gift needs! LongRiver Woodshop was conceived and created by owner Josh Long back when his children were young he used to build them little furniture for their rooms. This was when he stumbled upon his interest in the art of woodworking. The first cutting boards that were produced by Josh were made back in 2020 when the pandemic had first hit, he designed and created the chopping blocks as Christmas gifts for his fellow coworkers. Here is a little bit of the story behind Josh’s background, drive, and love for the art of working with wood. Josh Is a dedicated husband/father and is married to Stacey Long! They both have been together for a total of over 16 years! During their time together as a happily married couple, they created 4 amazing children From oldest to youngest: Jacob 15, Luke 13, Boaz 10, and Faith 8

In Josh’s earlier years he went to school to study art and philosophy at his local junior college. Josh has always had a love and passion for any kind of art. Whether it be woodworking, painting, or any other type of self-expression. Josh had actually used to paint on canvas until he found his true love and passion for the art of woodworking. That was when he knew he wanted to pursue this newfound love and passion for woodworking further into a small business. In early 2021 Josh started seeking out other woodworkers to learn the trade from. Josh loves trying out new designs and challenging himself to push his passion and creativity with every new board he creates. He loves the idea of combining multiple pieces (species) of lumber together into something that is not only beautiful to look at but also very useful as well for people to enjoy for years to come. Every single piece of wood is one of a kind and every board he creates is an original. Since the designs are created by piecing different species of lumber together to create beautiful designs, not one board will have the same exact pattern, making it an original. Though he is able to get close to the same pattern no 2 boards will be exactly the same.

LongRiver woodshop was started just as any other business has by utilizing the most resourceful part of their home, the garage! For the last 10 years, Josh’s garage has either been an art studio or a woodshop. Josh started collecting the tools that help drive his passion for woodworking over the years, to the point he has taken over his 2 car garage. As LongRiver Wood shop picks up Josh has plans on transferring all his shop into a permanent workspace dedicated to his passion for woodworking. This just shows his love and passion for what he does and his drive as an entrepreneur. Each piece he makes is unique in its own way and no two pieces are exactly the same. So if you’re looking for unique handcrafted gifts made with love and passion look no further! LongRiver Wood Shop is dedicated to the art of working with wood and you can tell when you receive your custom-crafted product. Reach out today to place your order for any of our custom hand-crafted products!